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Welcoming the bride in Hindu marriage

It is as if entering into a new phase of life with colours, light and splendor. In a traditional Hindu marriage, the whole thing is made as auspicious as possible since marriage is something more than the uniting of two individuals.

The decorated platform where the actual marriage ceremonies take place is called Kathir Mandapam. Once the groom gets seated in the Mandapam, the father of the bride holds her hand and brings her accompanied by Thalappoli, (the procession of girls holding lamps and other auspicious things) and Melam, the musical ensemble.

Once reaching near the Kathir Mandapam, the bride seeks blessings from her parents and other elders and bows and welcomes the invitees with folded hands. Later, she enters the Kathir Mandapam with her right leg and sits on the left side of the groom.

In Kerala, compared to other parts of the country, the rituals related to the marriage are simpler. The ceremonies involved differ from one region to another.