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Welcoming the married couple

It is her first visit to her groom’s house, with many pleasant, well-wishing faces to welcome her. The whole environment gets a festive mood as the newly wedded couple arrive.

Bringing together of a man and a woman, according to the Hindu faith, is one of the most sacred endeavors of the whole life. Exemplifying this, the Indian marriages are more ritualistic in nature and there are more than one religious ceremony attached to it.

In Kerala, these rituals are simpler, except from those of the Brahmin community. There are also some regional variations in the wedding ceremonies and rituals.

When the couple reach the groom’s home after marriage, there are many ceremonies awaiting them. Before they enter the home, the mother of the groom moves a lamp in front of the couple in order to cast off the evil spirits.

Later, the bride is given a traditional wick lamp and she should hold it while she steps into the home. Putting the right leg in first is considered auspicious.