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Beached fishing boats at Kovalam

Kovalam, the popular beach destination of Kerala, India, located near Thiruvananthapuram, is a fishing area, too.

Traditional fishing using country boats, catamarans and nets is popular here.

This international beach destination consists of three adjacent crescent beaches. The larger one called Lighthouse beach has an olden lighthouse. Eves (Howah in local parlance) beach and Samudra beach located to the north are the other two beaches.

Bathing in the blue waters, canoeing, catamaran cruise and sunbath are some among the favoured activities of travellers to Kovalam.

Accommodation to suit all budgets are available and a range of restaurants serving sea food delicacies are located here.

Ayurvedic health resorts, convention facilities, shopping zones, swimming pools, Yoga centres, Ayurvedic massage centres and cultural centres are also there in this destination.