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Fishing nets at Shankhumugham beach

Shankhumugham beach at Thiruvananthapuram is a place where people like to spend their evening leisure time. It is situated not more than 8 kms from the Trivandrum city, near the Veli Tourist Village and Thiruvananthapuram Airport. The other beaches situated near the city are Kovalam and Vizhinjam.

The Shankhumugham beach is a favourite spot for sunset watchers. The beachside offers many relaxing places including a children’s park, which has the beautiful huge sculpture of a nude mermaid created by Kanayi Kunjiraman. The ‘aaratt mandapam’, situated on the sands of the beach is a pavilion made of stone which is used by the Padmanabhaswamy temple for ‘aaratt’ (holy bath of the temple idol) purposes.

Shankhumugham is a fishing village too. The people at the coastal area here earn their livelihood by the traditional means of fishing. In this video the traditional fishing nets are shown. The fishermen are engaged in repairing their nets and preparing for the next catch.