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Sunset at Bekal beach

The Bekal beach is a beautiful serene beach located in the district of Kasaragod in Kerala, India. During sunset, the serene beach bathed in the glory of shining rays is a sight to behold.

The beach is a picturesque one with slopes and palm fringed borders. It is also a favourite spot for movie makers.

The destination has a significant place in the history of Kerala. The Bekal Fort, an ancient majestic fort is situated close to the beach. A view of the Arabian sea from the fort is simply superb. The serene beach is also equipped with a children’s park.

Built of laterite, the fort has massive walls of about 12 metre height and is spread over fourty acres. The walls and ramparts facing the sea are interspersed by bastions with openings for guns. The fort is considered to be built by Sivapa Nayaka of Badanore between 1650 and 1670.

A small and beautiful island called Chithari and Valiyaparamba, a vast expanse of backwaters are nearby attractions.