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Bhuta Kola - ritual dance form of Tulu Nadu

Bhuta Kola is an ancient ritual dance form of worship popular among the Tulu speaking community on the Kerala-Karnataka border, popularly known as the Tulu Nadu. The Bhuta Kola is a blend of the ritual dance of the spirit impersonator and a fine tradition of Yakshagana.

The Bhuta Kola’s, during their performance will create a world of divinity with their costume, make-up, music, dance and dialogue. The ritual dancers are accompanied by the musicians, along with drums and other instruments, which provide tunes of varying tempo at various phases of the performance.

Similar to Theyyam, dancers who perform ritual form of worship in Bhuta Kola are considered as representations of daivam (god). Featured here is the Bhuta Kola of Garodi Sri Brahma Baidarkala Temple, located at Hosamane in Adukkathu Bayal in Kasaragod district of Kerala.