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Spider-Girl found in Kerala

A bite from a radioactive spider changed the life of Peter Parker, thus transforming him into Spider-Man - the super hero with superpowers. He can cling to walls, shoot webs with his wrists and has sixth sense (the spider sense) to confront any danger. Well, that is a fictional character that held us all spellbound with his supernatural powers.

But if you think you will never see a person with such abilities in real life, you will be proved wrong as there is someone in Kerala, who has few abilities similar to the spider-man. She is Ann Mary Jyotsna, a 9 year old girl who hails from a remote village named Mallappally in Pathanamthitta district who is famous for her climb walls talent.

Do watch the video to see her extraordinary physical talent. She is all set to join the Sports Authority of India (SAI).