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Kolam Making Before Kadammanitta Padayani

Padayani is a ritualistic art form popular in the Bhagavathi temples of central Travancore region of Kerala. A proletarian art form of Kerala, it is believed that Padayani originated as part of the rich folklore tradition of Kerala. The art form is a symbolic act for pleasing Goddess Bhadrakali and bringing her out of the violent mood after her victory over the mythical demon Daarika

Here is a video of the making of padayani kolams or the masks worn by the Padayani performers at Kadammanitta in Pathanamthitta district.

Kolams (means effigies) are made out of fresh spathe of the arecanut tree and are designed by the members of the ganaka community in the village. To keep the freshness of the spathe all the kolams are made just before the performance. The biggest one, representing Goddess Bhadrakaali, is made of 1001 pieces of spathe. Gods and Goddesses represented in these kolams are ganapathi, marutha, yakshi, pakshi, kaalan, kuthira, bhairavi, maadan, gandharvan, kanjira maala and apasmaram.