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Sairandhri watch tower at Silent Valley

Sairandhri watch tower, the 100 feet watch tower, offers a bird's eye view of the Silent Valley National Park at Palakkad in Kerala, India.

This forest watch tower is a great attraction for visitors as they can enjoy a large portion of the valley's core area from here. Overlooking the freely flowing crystal clear, River Kunthi, the tower also offers the breathtaking views of the hill ranges around the valley.

Silent Valley National Park, the core of the Nilgiri Bio-reserve, is one of the sole surviving bits of evergreen forest in Sahya Ranges or Western Ghats in Kerala.

Entry to the national park: 08 00 hrs to 13.00 hrs
Permitting authority: Asst. Wildlife Warden, Silent Valley National Park, Mukkali. Ph: +91 4924 253225

How to reach:-
Nearest railway station: Palakkad, about 80 km.
Nearest airport: Coimbatore (in neighbouring Tamilnadu State), about 120 km.