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Madre-de-Deus church, Vettucaud

The Madre-de-Deus Church at (Vettukad), popularly known as Vettukad Palli (Palli means church in Malayalam) is situated 7 kilometres away from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala, India.

This important Christian pilgrim centre is located in the coastal village of Vettucaud. The church is believed to have been established by St. Francis Xavier, the Jesuit missionary who came to India to spread the gospel is believed to have established the church. The annual festival of the church called Feast of Christ the King, is a grand event attended by thousands of devotees. The ten-day feast falls during the third Sunday of November.

Special prayers and a colourful procession the highlights of the festivities. In this the statue of Christ the King is taken out in a procession on the eve of the main day. The colourful procession is first led to the Kannathurai church and from there proceeds to the Kochuveli church. From Kochuveli church the procession returns to Madre-de-deus church.

The festivities would draw to a close with the High Mass led by the Most Reverent Arch Bishop of Latin Arch Diocese, Thiruvananthapuram.