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Guruvanam - Abode of Serenity

Guruvan or Guruvanam, a beautiful hill temple and Ashram owned by Swami Nithyananda Ashram Public Trust, in Kanhangad town, is a serene abode where you can set your mind free from sorrows. The ashram is named after Swami Nithyananda, a spiritual master who pursued an ascetic life and inspired his devotees to give up material desires.

Located around 5 km east of Kanhangad town in Kasaragod district, Kerala, India, Guruvan is the place were Swami Nithyananda did Tapas (meditation) for several years. It is said that Swami had once struck the rocky hills to form a holy stream and it has been flowing ever since and is called the holy stream Papanasini Ganga. He has also built a temple here in 1966 for Swami Jnanananda.

How to reach:
Nearest railway station: Kasaragod is about 32 km away.
Nearest airports: Mangalore in neighbouring state of Karnataka is about 98 km from Kasaragod town; Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode is about 180 km.