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Birthplace of Sree Narayana Guru at Chempazhanthy

The birthplace of Sree Narayana Guru is at Chempazhanthy in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, India. Known as Vayalvaram house, it was the place where the parents of Guru lived at the time of his birth. Known for his Vedic knowledge, Sree Narayana Guru was a spiritual leader, a teacher, a philosopher and a great nation builder. For millions, he is truly an incarnation of God.

Sree Narayana Guru, a Hindu saint and a great social reformer of Kerala, was the one who proclaimed the thought of “One Caste, One Religion and One God for men”. He led various reform movements in Kerala and fought against caste system. By proliferating new ideologies and values, he stood for social equality, thus renovating the stature of the society of Kerala.