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Jain Temple in Mattancherry, Kochi

Located around 9 km from Ernakulam town, in Kerala, India, Mattancherry obtained its name from “Ancherry Mattam”- a traditional namboothiri illam (manor). The first trade hub of the present district, Mattancherry is populated by people from different walks of life including Tamilnadu, Goa and Gujarat.

A place of multifarious cultural traditions, Mattancherry, situated near Kochi (earlier Cochin) also houses some important devotional centers such as Venkataraman Temple and Jain Temple located on the Gujarati road.

The Jain community here is believed to have migrated from Kutch and Saurashtra of Gujarat long years ago for trade. The temple was erected as a memorial and now been handed over to the Jain Sangh (association of Jains in kerala). The temple is frequented by devotees to offer their prayers and to feed pigeons, which they believe is a sacred act.