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Sree Thayyil Vayanattu Kulavan Temple, Kannur

Sree Thayyil Vayanattu Kulavan temple is located at Kuruva in Kannur district of Kerala. The small shrine set in rural surroundings has the deities of Vayanattu Kulavan, Puliyoor Kannan, Gulikan and Ilayidath Bhagavathi. 

Vayanattu Kulavan is a folk deity, who, according to legends, is the son of Lord Shiva and is blind. There are many temples dedicated to Vayanattu Kulavan in the area.

The annual Vellattam festival of the temple, usually held in the month of April is a grand affair. The festival is marked by a variety of Theyyam performances, including that of Vayanattu Kulavan, Gulikan and Puliyoor Kannan.