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How to wear a Kanchipuram saree in Coorgi style?

Featuring in this video is the draping of traditional Kanchipuram sari in Coorgi style. The Coorgi style of sari wearing involves tying the pleats in the back instead of the front and a small portion of the pallu is placed over the shoulder. Nowadays this style of wearing mainly used in traditional festivals by the Coorgis.

Coorg people are a community living in the mountains in Karnataka state. The sacred river of south India, the Kaveri, has its source in this lush, cool and humid country. According to legend it is said that a coorg woman was caught in a flood of the River Cauvery and her sari was turned. The front became the back. Even today the coorg women wear their sari turned around. This dress is traditionally worn over two petticoats and a long sleeved blouse.