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Jamdani saree

Indian handloom fabrics and cotton dress materials are well-known since ancient times. Among the varieties of traditional weaving techniques, the state of West Bengal has its own place in India’s handloom tradition. West Bengal is famous for the fine fabrics of muslin, silk and cotton. Jamdani is the traditional handloom fabric of the State of West Bengal.

The sarees woven with this particular inlay technique are also known as Jamdani sarees. In this technique of weaving, twisted yarn is closely woven together, resulting in easy wash and durability.

Jamdani sarees are of two types – Deccai Jamdani and Tangail Jamdani. The difference of these two sarees is in their design patterns and colour combinations. Deccai Jamdani comes with a border and a pallu. They will appear with plain centre or a net design all over or flowing diagonal lines, evoking the sense of a river. The colour of Deccai is also typical. It usually comes in deep maroon, black, indigo blue and chrome yellow.

On the other hand Tangail Jamdani sarees will appear in all colours and the design doesn’t have any elaborate patterns.

Shown in this video is the traditional Tangail Jamdani saree from West Bengal.