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Indira Goswami, Assamese writer

Dr. Indira Goswami born on 14th November 1942 in Assam is one of the pre-eminent Assamese writers. Popularly known as Mamoni Raisom Goswami in Assam, she is known for her fresh and original style with novel themes.

One of the famous contemporary Indian writers, she is noted for her novels such as Dontal Hatir Une Khowda Howda (The Moth Eaten Howdah of a Tusker), Pages Stained With Blood and The Man from Chinnamasta. Adhalekha Dastaveja (The Unfinished Autobiography) is her autobiography.

She is the winner of Jnanpith, the highest literary award of India, in 2000 and Principal Prince Claus Laureate in 2008.

Courtesy: ‘Dr. Indira Goswami ', Movie directed by Mr. Jahnu Barua for Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.

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