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Padma Sachdev, Dogri Poet

Padma Sachdev is one of the leading poets of Dogri and is the first woman poet in Dogri language. Dogri is an Indo- Aryan language spoken chiefly in Jammu and Kashmir and the northern part of Himachal Pradesh. This language is a member of Western Pahari Group of Languages.

Padma was born in Jammu in 1940 and she writes both in her mother tongue Dogri and the national language Hindi. Tawi Te Chanhaan in 1976, Nehriyan Galiyan in 1982, Pota Pota Nimbal in 1987, Uttarbaihni in 1992 and Tainthiyaan in 1999 are her major works.

Courtesy: ‘Padma Sachdev ', Movie directed by Mr. Uma Vasudey for Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.

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