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Inside View of Visvanatha Temple, Khajuraho

When it comes to the traditional Indian art, one can never neglect the name Khajuraho. There are many things that give this small town in Madhya Pradesh so unique a place in the cultural life of India. Apart from being an architectural specimen of the medieval Indian culture, this place presents some amazing artistic pieces whose value outlives all time barriers.

It is believed that once there were 85 temples, built by the Chandella rulers between AD 900 and 1130. However, now there are only 25 of them surviving. Visvanatha temple which belongs to the western group of temples is one among them.

One of the finest monuments in Khajuraho, this temple shows almost all the elements of the developed Khajuraho temples viz, entrance porch, mandapa (hall), maha mandapa (large hall), vestibule and sanctum sanctorum. The temple enshrines a Linga (symbolising Lord Shiva) and has four subsidiary shrines.

Visvanatha temple has beautiful sculptures, including figures of sura-sundaris(heavenly beauties) and couples, erotic or otherwise. Most of the sculptures here are notable for their expression and subtlety.