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Lakshmana Temple, Khajuraho

Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, India has become a synonym to the rich cultural legacy of the country. Literally meaning the land of Khajur (date palm) trees, this place is remarkable for its temples which are fine examples of medieval Indian architecture.

Lakshmana temple is a major temple belonging to the western group of temples in Khajuraho. This Vaishnava temple is a five shrined one and is the earliest and best preserved of the evolved temples here. The temple has an entrance porch, mandapa or hall, vestibule and a sanctum sanctorum with an ambulatory and three transepts.

The sanctum sanctorum has a three-headed, four-armed image of Vishnu as Vaikuntha. The temple wall has the fine sculptures of hunting and battle scenes, procession of elephants, horses and sundry representations including domestic and erotic scenes.

An inscribed slab excavated at the base of the Lakshmana temple is now fixed in the passage of the hall. The inscription on it says that King Yasovardhan built this beautiful mansion of Lord Vishnu.

The Khajuraho group of temples has been inscribed in the World Heritage List for their outstanding universal value and human creative genius.