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Adinatha Temple, Khajuraho

Khajuraho, a small village in Madhya Pradesh is known for its ornate temples. They are the spectacular specimens of medieval Indian architecture. The 85 temples, of which only 25 survive now, were built by the Chandella rulers between AD 900 and 1130.

Adinatha temple belongs to the eastern group of the temples of Kahjuraho. This Jaina temple is dedicated to Jina Adinatha. Now, only the sanctum and the vestibule of the temple survive.

The temple is remarkable for its elegant sculptures. The design and general structure of the temple is also superb. There are three bands of sculptures including those of sura sundaris (heavenly beauties). Images of Jaina Yakshis (fairies) can also be seen. The roof of the vestibule is delightfully designed and well decorated.

The Khajuraho temples have been inscribed in the World Heritage list for their outstanding universal value and human creative genius.