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Jami Masjid at Mandu

The Jami Masjid at Mandu is considered to be one of biggest mosques in India and also one of the most majestic buildings existing at Mandu. Built in CE 1454, the construction of this pilgrim centre was started by Sultan Hoshangshah. It was completed by Sultan Mahmud Khilji.

Besides the beautiful jali work and the painted enamels the most attractive feature of Jami Mosque is its gorgeous domes and arches. The colonnade of the mosque is adorned with skillfully designed niches. Shown in this video is the Jami Masjid at Mandu in Madhya Pradesh state, India.

Situated about 100 km away from Indore city in Madhya Pradesh, Mandu is a fortress town situated on the Vindhya Ranges in Central India.