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Street life of Magar Moha Street, Ujjain

Streets and street lives always offer fresh and exciting experiences for travellers visiting a place. Here is the Magar Moha Street, a famous street located in the ancient city of Ujjain, State of Madhya Pradesh, India.

One of the interesting stories behind this street is that, this street was once witness to the poetic excellence of Kalidasa, the great Sanskrit poet. He is believed to have completed his famous work Meghadhootam in Ujjain.

The video here shows the present Magar Moha Street, where you can find various temples along with several shops and mansions.

How to reach:
Nearest railway station
: Ujjain, via Shastri Bridge and State Highway 27, about 2 km.
Nearest airport: Raja Bhoj International Airport, via National Highway 86, about 193 km.