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Mahua tree farm at Khajuraho

Featured in this video is a Mahua tree farm situated in Khajuraho village in the State of Madhya Pradesh, India. The Mahua tree, scientifically known as Madhuca longifolia, is a tree with medicinal values. This tree is well known to rural folks and tribal people of north and central India.

The flowers, fruits and oil obtained from the seeds of Mahua tree are used in various ways. The Mahua flower is edible and is used as a food by the tribals. The flowers are also used to make a kind of syrup for medicinal purposes. The oil extracted from the seeds of Mahua tree is an edible one, which is considered as good for heart patients.

The Mahua flowers are fermented to produce an alcoholic drink mahuwa; a country liquor. The tribals here consider this tree and the mahuwa drink as part of their cultural heritage.