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The Sculptural grandeur of Khajuraho

The mid tenth century sculptures found in the ancient temples of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, are the glorious specimens of the unique medieval artistic legacy of India. These sculptures are made of finely grained stone and they range from a variety of colours from pale buff, pink, yellow and brown.

Divided into five broad categories, the sculptures of Khajuraho portray different elements and aspects of human as well as celestial life. As the cult images stick strictly to the canonical formulae, the sculptures of family, attendants and enclosing divinities are more humane in nature.

The sculptures of the celestial beauties or the sura sundaris, too, add charm to the sculptural group of Khajuraho. The attractive erotic sculptures belong to the fourth category, which consists of secular sculptures like domestic scenes, teachers and disciples. The last category comprises solely of animal sculptures.