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Siddhavat - A Sanctified Banyan Tree

A huge banyan tree with great religious significance, the Siddhavat flourishes on the banks of the River Shipra in the holy city of Ujjain, State of Madhya Pradesh, India. Siddhavat is a small locale at Ujjain, known for the Siddhavat tree that holds religious significance like the Akashyavat in Prayag and Gaya and the Panchavat of Nasik.

Legend says that Parvati, a Hindu Goddess and wife of Lord Shiva performed her penance at this spot. It is also said that the Mughal rulers cut off this tree and covered the whole area with iron sheets to limit the growth of the tree. But the tree pierced those iron sheets and flourished again.

Devotees from around the country visit this sacred spot to perform various rituals and to take a dip in the River Shipra at the bathing ghat.

How to reach:
Nearest railway station:
Ujjain, via State Highway 27, about 2 km
Nearest airport: Raja Bhoj International Airport, via National Highway 86, about 190 km