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Amazing View Of Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

The sprawling green valleys of Orchha, spotted by the architectural marvels of the region, is a treat for one’s eyes. The charming surroundings, along with its historical attractions, make this city in Madhya Pradesh a traveler’s delight.

Nourished by the river Betwa, Orchha has gone through some of the most troublesome as well as pleasant of times. It had a great role to play in the medieval history of India.

The Bundela rulers who ruled the city in the 16th and 17th century are responsible for making Orchha glorious, the remains of which one can see even now. It was king Rudra Pratap, the Bundela chieftain, who chose Orchha as the capital of his dynasty.

Orchha is now full of palaces, shrines and memorials, which exudes a beauty which has hardly been affected by the passage of time.