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Bandra Fort, Mumbai

Bandra Fort in Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra is also called Castella de Aguada (Fort of the Waterpoint) by the Portuguese. It is located in Bandra and was built in 1640. The land where the Fort now situates was a place where freshwater was available in the form of a spring (Aguada).

It is a strategically located Fort which overlooks the Mahim bay to the south and the Arabian Sea to the west. The history of this Fort is connected with the Potuguese, Englishmen and the Marathas.

The Marathas captured this Fort in 1739 from the Portuguese and the Englishmen in turn occupied it in 1761. The view of the sea from this Fort is very amazing. This Fort has been featured in many bollywood films. Also it is a major tourist spot in Mumbai.