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Colaba Causeway market, Mumbai

The Colaba Causeway market which was built in 1838 is situated in the south of Mumbai (Bombay) which connects two islands. As the name indicates, this is exclusively a market in which public can access everything.

The main attractions here are restaurants, bars and shopping malls. Local people and tourists visit Colaba Causeway for various purposes. It’s a pleasure walking through this place because it is decorated with various colours which gives an enchanting feeling.

The Colaba Causeway is situated in the centre of Mumbai city. The easiest way to reach Colaba Causeway is by using cab services. Besides this market there is Bandra and the Hanging gardens.

Moreover, there are many tourist destinations along with Colaba Causeway. It includes Elephanta caves and Gateway of India. Fashion accessories and ethnic artifacts are available in this market. We can buy all these contemporary and eminent things at cheap rates. Semi precious stone set in wood can be purchased from here.

Besides there are many eateries which offers a variety of tasty foods. Tourists get attracted here because it is one of the most entertaining places in Mumbai in which they get whatever they want.

There is Woodwork with ivory, Kashmiri Carpets and shawls which comes from Shimla and also miniature of Taj Mahals. In this market you can find out antique pieces of Gramophones, porcelain doorknobs, bugles, sextants and Hookahs. All these artistic pieces attract everyone.