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Ellora caves

This is the Cave 29 at Ellora, located to the north of the waterfall; it is the largest Brahmanical cave with beautifully executed sculptures and carvings. The Kalyansundari panel here is famous. The Kalyanasundari panel (representing the marriage of Lord Shiva with Parvati) is on the eastern wall of hte south entrance. To the south of this panel one can see a larger-than-life sculpture, probably of Goddess Sarasvati. This cave also has twenty-six massive kalasa-topped pillars.

Ellora, located at Aurangabad in Maharashtra state, India, is known for its rock cut shrines and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The sculptures inside the group of caves at Ellora are considered as some of the finest manifestations of three religions – Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The caves of Ellora are classified into three groups- Buddhist Caves (1-12), Brahmanical Caves (13-29) and Jaina Caves (30-34).