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Jain temple in Mumbai

The Jain temple near Malabar hill in Mumbai (Bombay) is located at Walkeshwar on the ridge road near the famous Hanging garden. It is one of the notable Jain temples in Maharashtra. This temple is a perfect example of artistic brilliance.

Jain temples are famous for their architecture and interior decorations. Various paintings inside the temple attract everyone. These paintings are based on certain incidents. The work on the temple was finished in 1903. Since then there has been a constant flow of devotees to this temple.

The interior design is alluring so that tourists get attracted here. Devotees can enter this temple only bare footed. They strictly follow the rules of Jainism. They believe in self-restraints and asceticism. In this temple flowers are not used for rituals as they believe that it is an act of cruelty towards the flowers.

Other famous tourist destinations like the Hanging garden and Kamala Nehru Park are situated beside this temple. Moreover, this temple is easily accessible to travellers as it is only 4 km away from the Central railway station.