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Kailasa temple cave at Ellora, a World Heritage Site

Ellora’s rock cut shrine is world famous and this rock cut technique of architecture reaches its zenith in Cave 16. This cave is wonderful with the monolithic Kaliasa temple and it has been excavated by the Rashtrakuta king, Krishna I. The Brahmanical caves at Ellora are mainly Saivites.

The temple hewn out from a mass of rock contains magnificent sculptures including dikpalas (guards), dancing Shiva, Lord Vishnu on Garuda, Lingodhava Shiva and Narasimha. One can also see carved row of elephants on plinth, the epic story of Ramayana is also carved here.

Ellora, a World Heritage Site located at Aurangabad in Maharashtra state. This rock cut shrine is considered as one of the finest examples of three religions – Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism in India. The caves of Ellora are classified into three groups Buddhist Caves, Brahmanical Caves and Jain Caves.