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Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai

Nehru Planetarium is a cylindrical shaped building which was designed by an Indian architect J.M.Kadri. It is located on the Annie Besant Road, Worli. Inside the building there is an art gallery, restaurant, library and cultural centre. It has an auditorium which is mainly used for concerts and for screening movies especially for children.

The Planetarium is a theatre with a dome shaped screen on to which scenes of the stars, planets and other celestial objects can be projected to provide a realistic view of the universe. Precision-engineered star balls, optically and electronically generated images and slide projectors, video and laser technology all go into the projection of images on the dome screen.

This Planetarium is situated near Nehru Science Centre where international trade fairs and exhibitions are held. The Nehru Planetarium and the Nehru Science Centre constitute the Nehru Science complex.

Classical dances and concerts are held in the auditorium attached to the Planetarium. The complex is filled especially by children who get a lot to enjoy inside the planetarium.