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Arthritis and Ayurvedic treatment

Arthritis (sandhi vatham in Malayalam) is a disease that weakness the joints in the body and makes the individual’s life miserable. Several reasons are there such as old age, as a consequential state of rakhtavatam (impurities in blood), injuries happen in the childhood, weakness of the muscles due to the lack of exercises and so on.

Due to the structural complexity of the joints in the human body, the disease in its chronic stage makes the treatment difficult and less effective. It’s better to start the treatment in the early stage itself for a complete cure. Exercise plays an important role in arthritis treatment.

When there is inflammation and pain in the joint rest is strongly recommended. Internal medicine and external therapies are necessary. Applying ointments (kuzhambu) and therapies like Pizhichil, Navarakizhi etc are very effective treatment for arthritis.

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