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Ayurveda and Non -vegetarian food

Presented here is a video of Dr. M. Prasad, an Ayurveda Doctor and the Director of Sunethri Ayurvedashram & Research Centre at Thrissur in Kerala, India, tells about misconceptions regarding Ayurveda and Non-vegetarian food.

It is a popular misunderstanding that, Ayurvedic treatment and non vegetarian never goes together. Some times putting an abrupt and to one’s long habit of being a non vegetarian itself may lead to a disorder and can be resulted in illness. Only after considering certain factors related to the patient’s lifestyle, his family and cultural background, the physician will decide the nature of treatment.

The truth is that Ayurveda is not in arms against non vegetarianism. For example in some of the ghee based medicinal preparations meat soap is also an ingredient. Essence of animal flesh at times form an essential ingredient of certain medicines. Even in external therapies like Kizhi, meat is a major ingredient.

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