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Martial art, the Manipuri style

It is a breathtaking art and is far more than just an exhibition of physical skills. Thang-Ta, the traditional martial art of Manipur, has many spiritual as well as ritualistic dimensions.

The proper name of Thang-Ta, Huyen Lallong, literally means ‘the method of safeguarding’. An elaborate system of physical as well as mental skills is involved in this system of fighting.

Thag-Ta is an integral part of the heroic tradition of Manipur. The movements are swift, stylized, harmonious and well-controlled. Swords, shields, daggers and spears are used in this matial art.

This video clip has been shot at the venue of Octave 2008, a cultural extravaganza held at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, which showcased the cultural heritage of the eight north eastern states of India.