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Meera Bhajan

Man chakara rakhoji, Giridhari Lalla...
(Keep me in your heart, beloved)

This Meera bhajan, set to Brindavani sarang, eulogises Lord Krishna. Meera sings to Lord Krishna, highlighting his dances in the forest of Brindavan with the gopis and the cow-herds, his attractive yellow attire and crown of peacock feathers, his beautiful music on the flute and his innumerable devotees. She ends her bhajan with a passionate plea to the Lord to appear before her at midnight.

The singer, Dr. Deepti Omchery Bhalla is a musician with strong base in the Carnatic and Hindustani styles of music. She is currently a Professor in Carnatic Music at the Faculty of Music, University of Delhi. A multifaceted artiste, Dr. Bhalla is proficient in Indian classical dance forms like Mohiniyattam and Kathakali.