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Morung, traditional Naga hut built by Angamis of Nagaland

Beautifully built, this is the morung, the traditionally built Naga hut. The one featuring in the video was set up by the Angamis, one of the major tribes of Nagaland at the Naga Heritage Village during the Hornbill Festival. The Angami Nagas are famous for their woodcraft and are found mostly in Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland.

Morungs of Nagaland
Morungs are the traditionally built Naga huts made of bamboo and cane. The morung or the bachelor dormitory system was once an essential part of Naga life and culture. To explore the morungs of major tribes of Nagaland, visit Kisama – the venue of the annual Hornbill Festival.

A symbol of pride of each village, the Morung is embellished with hunting trophies and fine wood carvings at the doorway. This all-male dormitory, where a young lad of six enters and leaves when he weds, is where the village’s sacred hunting trophies, daos (dao is a type of sword), spears and shields of the village are kept for safekeeping. It is in the morung where the boys learn the ancestral folksongs and folktales, where decisions of war and peace are taken.