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A Naga village

Shown in this video is a beautiful green hamlet located in Nagaland. One can see neatly built compact bamboo houses. One can also see village people engaged in their day-to-day activities in this video.

Most of the village dwellings in Nagaland have bamboo walls and the roofs are thatched with bamboo leaves. Besides their traditional occupation, Naga people are famous for woodcarving and weaving.

Nagaland is a hilly north-eastern state of India. In the state, most of the villages are located at heights between 1000 to 2000 m above sea level. Most of these villages are noted for their unhurried pace of life and the people here live in green and serene environs. The state is mainly dominated by the tribal people and agriculture is their main occupation. The cultivation adopted by Nagas is Jhum or slash-and-burn agriculture.