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Craft shops at Pipili selling applique art products

Applique artwork, the heritage of Odisha, is known for its colourful decorative designs where one material is sewn over the other. Applique is the process of cutting coloured cloth into shapes of animals, birds, flowers leaves gods, goddesses and other decorative motifs and stitching them on a piece of cloth. 

Closely related to the temple tradition, especially Jaggannath temple of Puri, this handicraft is originated in the village of Pipili, nearly 20 km from Bhubaneswar.  The Ratha (chariot) of Lord Jaggannath is decorated with this unique art work.

The unique creations appliqués are fabricated to make lampshades, handbags, cushion covers, even garden umbrellas, bed sheets, and the more. 

The best way to reach Pipli is by availing the regular bus service from Puri town. The nearest railway station is Puri and the nearest airport is at Bhubeneshwar.

Adorn your visiting rooms with Applique craft items of Pipili.