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Dhavalagiri- the Buddhist temple

Dhavalagiri, literally the ‘ white hill’ in Orissa, is a prominent centre of Buddhism in India itself. A famous Buddha temple is located here. Dhavalagiri is the place where long ago the battle of Kalinga took place.

The Kalinga battle has a special place in Indian history, since legends say  that it was after being shocked by the atrocities of this battle that King Ashoka embraced Buddhism, a religion  which had profound influence on Indian culture with its stress on non-violence, peace and love. The Buddha temple here had been constructed to atone for the Kalinga battle.

This white-coloured building has two Buddha idols, one in Abhaya (protective) and the other in Jnana (wisdom) Mudra (hand gesture). In every element of the temple, there throbs a silent prayer for world peace.