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The best of Odisha via Ramchandi Beach

Ramchandi Beach is not a temperamental beauty. Two thumbs up to the pristine sands and beautiful sunsets, but it is probably the serenity of the waters here that makes it a great place to hang out. Located on the confluence of the River Kusabhadra and the Bay of Bengal, the waters are not rough and do not form high waves; basically, it’s like a big pool. So, it’s a great place for swimming, sailing and other sea-based activities. And with traditional boats along the vast coastline, it makes a quaint sight.

The beach is named after Goddess Ramchandi of the Konark region. The region was also historically prominent under the Khordha Dynasty in the 16th century. It was also invaded by the Bhoi kings, followed by onslaughts of the Muslims and Marathas.

As if the beach is not enough as a destination, two of the most popular destinations in Odisha, Puri and Konark, are easily accessible from here. Puri, where the Lord Jagannath Temple, is situated is one of the four important places of worship for the Hindus.

The Sun Temple at Konark and several other monuments and temples give an insight to the art, architecture and culture of the region. It’s worth keeping your diary free for the famous Ramachandi Festival, which brings together music, art and other beach festivities.