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Wedding in Orissa

Featured in this video is a Hindu wedding ceremony in Orissa, state located on the east coast of India. There are a series of rituals performed on the occasion. The girl's uncle (Mother's brother) brings the girl to the mandap (the place where bride and groom sits) and the girl sits in front of the groom.

She comes and puts a garland of flowers called kantamalati. These flowers bloom on thorny bushes. This symbolizes that the girl wishes for a happy and smooth life by getting rid of all the obstacles on the way.

Another ritual is the Kanyadaan, where the parents of the bride place her hand onto the grooms hand and tie it. It is believed to be a sacred ritual and hence everybody participates in it. After the kanyadaan, the girl's sister opens the knots and takes her nearer to the groom. Now the girl has become a part of the groom's family.