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Paintings of Amrita Sher-gil

Amrita Sher-gil (1913-1941) was one of the celebrated women painters of 20th centary India and who was born in Hungary. She is sometimes known as India’s Frida Kahlo. Today, she is listed among the Nine Masters, whose work was declared as art treasures by the Archaeological Survey of India, in 1976. Most of her paintings are now displayed at National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

Almost all her paintings portray incredibly thin, emaciated starving men and women. She painted the Pahari villagers when she was in Simla, in her works captioned Hill Men and Hill Women. Most of her paintings, especially those of women, have lackluster eyes, an expression of resignation and despondency writ large on their drawn faces. A mood of sorrow prevails in her works because she was completely unfamiliar with the milieu of the cloistered shackled lives seen around her.

Shown in the video is a collection of her paintings such as the famous Bride’s Toilet (1937), Camels (1937), Self-Portrait-7, Two Women, Three Girls (1935) and Young Girls (1932)