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The raising of the Mount Govardhana by Krishna

The raising of the Mount Govardhana, this Indian painting executed in the Mewar style belongs to the Rajasthani School of miniature painting. The episode illustrated in this work of art is based on a scene from the Bhagavata Purana.

Krishna saved Vraja from the relentless rain sent by the rain god Indra who was angered by Krishna’s asking the villagers to stop worshipping Indra. The villagers begged Krishna to save them from Indra’s wrath whereupon Krishna uprooted the Govardhana Mountain and held it above them like an umbrella, sheltering under it the villagers and their cattle.

Krishna held the mountain aloft with one hand for seven days when a humbled Indra, amazed by Krishna’s feat withdrew his cloud armies and sought his pardon. This theme was very popular among artists and sculptors alike in India.