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Rama and Lakshmana lamenting the loss of Sita

This miniature painting in the Kangra style from Chamba, India, depicts a scene from the great Indian epic, the Ramayana. After killing the demon Maricha disguised as a beautiful golden deer, Rama on his way back to the hermitage meets Lakshmana who was searching for him. He becomes apprehensive of Sita’s fate but Lakshmana assures him that Sita is safe as long as she remains inside the magic circle that he had drawn on the ground. But when they reach the hermitage, they find it deserted. Rama is inconsolable and inquires to even plants and trees if they have seen Sita. Then they meet Jatayu lying mortally wounded. He tells them about Sita’s abduction by Ravana and how he had tried to stop Ravana who cut off his wings. After saying this, Jatayu dies.

This wonderful painting is a great example of the art of miniature painting from the Chamba region in the Kangra style.