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Stealing of Gopis' clothes by Krishna, late eighteenth century Pahari painting in Kangra style

Stealing of Gopis’ clothes by Krishna, this Indian painting in the Kangra style depicts a scene, described as ‘Chira-harana’ or stealing of clothes, from the Bhagavata Purana, one of the most widely read of Indian puranas. One day, when the gopis went to bathe in the river Yamuna, the ever mischievous Krishna stole their clothes and climbed up a tree.

Finding their clothes missing, after the bath, the gopis look around in consternation only to find Krishna sitting in the tree with them. Their cajoling and pleading were in vain and they were forced to come out of the water and get their clothes back. This Pahari work of art from India captures an incident that has kindled the imagination of artists through ages.