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Babur distributing gifts after Lodi's death, painting by Bhura

A painting of Bhura from a manuscript of the Baburnama in the Persian translation of Mirza Abd ar Rahim Khan Khanan

Babur ascended the throne of Hindustan on the death of Ibrahim Lodi, Sultan of Delhi (A.D. 1517-26) on the battle field of Panipat. A few days later, a large party was held in the pillared porch of the of the domed building situated in the middle of Sultan Ibrahim Lodi’s private apartments in the Agra Palace. Babur lavished presents, including a cloth of honour, a sword belt and a beautiful horse with saddle mounted in gold on his heir Humayun. The officers were also presented with gifts. This is an exquisite example of Indian art of the Mughal era in India.