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Agony of Bharata, on Dasaratha's death and Rama's banishment to forest

Indian painting, ‘The Agony of Bharata’ from Pahari School, Chamba kalam, Kangra idiom. This eighteenth century Pahari painting in the Kangra style from Chamba is a beautiful example of the art of miniature painting which flourished in the hill states of the Himalayas in India.

This Indian painting depicts the sorrow of Bharata on hearing about his father Dasaratha’s death and Rama’s banishment to the forest. Bharata weeps uncontrollably while Kausalya tries to console him. A nobleman seated near Bharata supports him while Kaikeyi, who had engineered the plot to banish Rama from Ayodhya and win the throne for her own son Bharata, looks unhappy and remorseful at the unexpected turn of events.