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Violin Maestro T. N. Krishnan

T. N. Krishnan, born on October 6th 1928 as the son of A. Narayana Iyer and Ammini Ammal is a well known Carnatic music Violinist in India. His full name is Trippunitura Narayanan Krishnan. He has been performing, composing, teaching, and promoting Indian classical music all over the world for the past seven decades.

He was a professor of Music at music college, Chennai and later he was appointed as the Dean of the School of Music and Fine Arts at the University of Delhi. In the year 2005 he launched the T.N. Krishnan Foundation for Performing Arts, with the support and good wishes of friends and rasikas.

Achievements and Awards
• Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri awarded by the Government of India
• National Award (1974) from the Sangeet Natak Academy
• Sangeetha Kalanidhi (1982) from the Music Academy, Chennai